What did you do six years ago?

It’s funny how Facebook and its recent app manage to constantly remind us of what we did in recent years exactly on the same day. It’s like being slapped by your own past through every single embarrassing status update and every dumb picture of your younger self.

But sometimes, it’s not just all bad. Six years ago I wrote on my Facebook wall that “one day,  I will dye my hair blond,  will go everywhere by bike and will turn with smiley face and positive attitude to everyone”. Back then, I didn’t mean it directly this way,  it was a sarcastic impersonation of myself wanting to live in Sweden one day.

Six years ago,  exactly on this day, it was the first time I travelled abroad on my own, without anyone telling me what to do and anyone having the protective wings over me all day long. It was the first time I visited the Swedish north. I was scared of the world but excited about the new horizons. I had the burden of responsibility for my younger friend-companion on my shoulders and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Six years ago, it was a completely different person. I was naive, biased and shallow. I had false assumptions and I didn’t really speak any language. When I had to construct an actual sentence in English to ask for a wifi voucher, I started to tremble. I was terrified of the idea of missing the flight or not finding the bus stop. I was shy and scared to talk to strangers and had no single idea where I was heading.

Six years ago, I took the first step and immediately fell in love with the freedom travelling brings. Back then I made a wish. I said to myself that one day, I will live abroad. That one day, I will move to Sweden. It was more like a dream than a wish though.

Little did I know where the wind will bring me within upcoming years.

Though I still feel like I’m desperately trying to catch up on the train bounded by the adulthood station and the world around me is moving faster than I will ever be able to understand, the inevitable process of growing up has hit me hard.

I would have never guessed that I will be eventually the one never attending the grammar and highschool class reunions for the sake of being constantly in some other part of the world. It was only a childish daydreaming and wishful thinking. Same like I used to consider airports and flying as something extraordinary, having to mentally prepare for it for days or even weeks. Today, it is the only way to see my family and friends and today, I only get annoyed by the lengthy process before boarding. My passport looks like a stamp collection, my current address is Sweden, my hair is slightly blond, I do use my bike almost every day and I can’t wait to book another fast track adventure ticket.


Thank you Facebook for reminding me how much forward I have moved and changed. And thank you for teaching me to NEVER SAY NEVER.

Let me know your thoughts.

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