How to get things done.

We all know that. There is a certain thing with a certain due date and also a certain unwillingness to make it done. And the deadline is approaching and approaching, the stress rises, the unwillingness inside grows stronger. My certified advice? Leave it to the last-minute. Procrastinate!

Out of pure despair, you feel more like hitting your head against the wall instead of actually sitting down and making it easier for yourself by just starting to work on it. You are squeezing your brain like a leftover toothpaste out of obviously empty tube for some valid content you could put on paper.

You have already cleaned your room, twice to be precise. Decorated all walls, reorganised all the furniture and did the laundry. You managed to read 879 pointless internet articles and 5 truly useful and interesting ones in actual fact. You went grocery shopping so you could cook lunch and dinner and also lunch for tomorrow just because why not?! Then you spammed all your friends with random conversation topics and hilarious pictures. You had enough time to almost plan you holiday next summer and discovered latest YouTube videos. You also went to the kitchen 80x times and opened the fridge twice as much just to come to terms that there is nothing you would actually like to have. And then you ended up eating crackers with cheese and peanut butter and banana and Nutella (yes, this is just a list of top 5 things you have eaten within this procrastination period). Indeed, then you started to feel ashamed and guilty about that so you also did several exercises just to get yourself somehow ready and boosted for the actual work. Unfortunately the whole activity was tiresome so you limply fell in bed, knackered, decided to take a short (3 hours lasting) nap. Yes we all know that more than well. I have the feeling like it was quite a productive day after all.

But what I’m saying is do all of this. Do procrastinate, do all the unnecessary things around with zero feeling of guilt. And why you may ask? It works for me. It has somehow always had.

I need the right level of stress and pressure to be applied to my brain to make it work. To push the limits and get the best out of it. I need to get myself to the state of mind when there is no step back and no time to be wasted. I probably started to do it unconsciously at first, knowing deep inside that things will get done eventually. I never cross the boundary set by a deadline though I force myself to get dangerously close before it kicks me in the face so hard, that I usually have to cure it with RedBull and chocolate after midnight, or during weekends in the office, or during a Friday party time, or anytime inconvenient alike.

I don’t call it avoiding the things I’m supposed to do, I call it waiting till I’m not supposed to anything, but them.

So here I am, writing this post instead of reading 1000 pages of books I’m supposed to read and writing an assignment due in a short time. And I feel satisfied about it. The time hasn’t come yet..

After all, the hardest part is just to begin! Tic, tac, tic, tac…

One comment

  1. I am so advanced in procrastination that at this very moment I am in school waiting to be called in for an exam and instead of even starting to study I’m reading unrelated stuff on the internet. God bless modern technology!!

    And wtf? You haven’t spammed me in two weeks!? Am I not worth your boredom in the procrastination phase? 😛

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