Ice Cold Wonderland

It is so cold outside that it hurts to breathe. Freezing cold that instead of taking a deep breath at first, you instantly start coughing for your life..

I had to upgrade my scarf to a little blanket, just to keep the ability of my lips to still move. Thanks to all the layers, I am facing certain difficulties while zipping up my winter jacket and the gloves I was used to wear all previous winters don’t even feel like they’re on my hands. I feel like my fingers don’t belong to me anymore because I lost all sensitivity.

Went outside to enjoy the nature performance only till I realised that I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore and that my hair got frozen due to the fumes coming from my mouth underneath the scarf. My eyelashes turned into frosty white and I could even see them while blinking.

Billions of little snowflakes are glittering against the sun which never goes up enough these days, when it eventually shows up. The whole world has slowed down. No one rushes anywhere, no one seems to care about anything but their personal space underneath all the layers. The overwhelming brilliance of this heavy white beauty has took over the world and put us all in lazy winter mode.

I am happy. No one has to tell me I’m crazy because I do realise it but this is what I was waiting for. The whole winter, the whole time. I was dreaming of having this moment. I have found my wonderland here up north. It feels so special especially considering that between the time I left Örebro just couple of weeks ago, and now, there is a difference of more than 25 degrees. When I was leaving, it was pouring rain and nature has gone crazy with 10 degrees plus. And now, Sweden had welcomed me with blue azure sky and the whitest fluffy blanket I have ever seen.

I was in doubts a lot recently, contemplating and second guessing everything. But this made it all clear. Sometimes we need life to give us a sign. A sign to ensure ourselves that we are walking the right path.

I am not sure if this is the right place to stay. But I feel like it is the right place to be right now.

Let me know your thoughts.

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