Stuck in your comfort zone

I get to know this guy who once told me: „Now you’re here. You have settled without intending to. You got a good job, found old friendships and you’re doing great. That’s actually the worst thing that could happen to you – because you got back in your comfort zone.“ And he was unfortunately so correct.

Since we all know where the magic happens, right?

You got this easy peasy life with the office job where you got your ergonomic leather chair and a huge coffee mug with your name on it; stable income big enough to pay your rent and a Starbucks coffee. You got the circle of friends around to go for sushi every week. You know that nothing can really surprise you and if it does, you also know that everything will be alright eventually anyway.

You get comfortable with meeting the same people on the bus stop every morning and you even stop being surprised while meeting them in a bus on the way back home again.

You slowly forget how it feels like to feel scared, unsecured, distant or rather lonely sometimes. Then you also forget how this anticipation and excitement of unknown feels also like. How priceless feeling it is to be a stranger, exploring, wandering around, creating memories which will last a lifetime and building relationships you will value the most.

..And how you used to love it. And how you actually still do. You just lack the time and then the energy to do so.

But when it comes to the decision – you suddenly feel lazy, too comfortable to make one. Finding excuses and reasons, trying to persuade yourself that the life you live at the moment is good enough. Something that other people are praying for every day. Something that someone else would go out of their way to get. But somehow, it’s not enough for your tiny little adventurous soul which would rather sleep at the airport instead of your comfy bed, talk to strangers in a train instead of your colleagues, walk the whole day in mountains or sit on the beach rather than sit in this comfy leather chair you got. This soul will never get enough and will never be satisfied by the comfort of settling somewhere where you know every corner, every single street and every single detail. All the days are slowly melting down in the haze of stereotype you hate so much. Then you realize that you forgot how it feels like to be truly, genuinely ALIVE.

You try to push back the inner call, you try to squeeze your soul and wild thoughts inside the comfort zone. But they do not belong there. They have never had. Because that’s not the place you feel content and complete at.

There is always a choice. Always.It’s only up to us if we make one or not.

Keeping up the spirit,


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