Buy the goddamn ticket!

Each of us has one’s own cure for our big little problems. Somebody eats chocolate, somebody goes for a run. Somebody does both, simultaneously. I found out what works for me…

The fact that your boss is giving you a hard time, your work sucks, the weather behind the window looks awful, your salary is miserable, your mood is going downward for some unsophisticated reason, your friends don’t have time for you anymore (because they’re having families or earning heaps of money being busy all the time), your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with you, you’re in love with a wrong person or you just can’t get over somebody.. it all doesn’t matter anymore at the moment when you book the flight ticket. And the further, the better.

It’s like a drug for me. The moment of clicking on a „BOOK“ button just releases the gentle sparkling coming from my stomach, up through my spine to the top – to my brain. Where it all trembles for a while and makes me go crazy. Makes me wanna jump, hum a stupid melody and dance in a rhythm of the rain. I can literally feel the small molecules of a pure happiness infecting my cells and tugging my body all around. My heart is bumping this fresh, vibrant blood to my brain and I feel like I could fly, like I could lift the sky even higher. What a feeling! Not exactly cheaper than ecstasy, but definitely healthier! All the problems are gone, irrelevant, hidden in some tiny little place in a backyard of my inner space – in a rubbish bin – with a big and heavy lid! Ready to be smashed by the wave of a travel anticipation. ..well, al least that’s how it works for me.

So buy the goddamn ticket already. Forget all the things that are holding you here and keeping your mind worried about everyday simple nonsense. Forget all the fear and make one step forward. Stop the stereotype, at least for a couple of weeks. Go for a walk in a rainforest somewhere in Asia. Stretch your legs on a white sand of an island surrounded by water so blue that your eyes start to hurt. Loose the idea about time while chatting with strangers. Take a crazy motorcycle ride along a vibrant metropolis. Get lost in one of the streets and find not just the way out, but also yourself. Climb a hill and see the most beautiful sunrise in your life. Try some of the delicious meals you have never ever thought about eating before. Listen to a foreign languages in a crowd of million people. Watch the bright city lights from a skydeck of a tower building. Cuddle some wild animals or just get surprised by the power of nature.

Simply do things you have never done before. Do things you have always wanted to do but you didn’t let yourself even dream about doing.

You will forget about your troubles at the very moment your plane takes off the runway. And I bet you will forget even more when you get out of the terminal building and this hot and humid air hits you in the face together with dozen of taxi drives trying to convince you about their cheapest offer. Travelling opens not just people’s eyes but also their hearts. Your until then not above standard salary will look like a fortune when you see the beggars on the streets having just a handful of rice for the day. Your boring school with sucky wi-fi will be a paradise in a comparison with this rooftopless shanty where all these little kids wanna learn how to read. Awful job? Go and work on a paddy field during the midday sun. Or try to carry your whole „fried noodles“ selling business on your back across the city once the sun pops up on the sky. You’re going through a misery because of love? At least you got a family that cares about you. That’s something what kids in an orphanage can’t really say. And there is so, so much more…

Travelling changes you and it does for the good. But once you start, you never want to stop. It’s super addictive. Because I just purchased my next ticket. Between now and the next gateway is only a couple of wonderful months full of impatience, anticipation and planning. And everything is awesome. Again.

Let the adventure never end!


(Asia addicted) Vero

Let me know your thoughts.

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