When home doesn’t mean a place anymore but people

l knew that it’s gonna hurt at some point. I knew that and I knew exactly how much it’s gonna hurt because it always does. And I still decided to go for it.

People. They come and go. Some of them stay for a while, some of them stay a bit longer. And some of them, on the other hand, leave footprints in your heart and you’ll never, ever be the same. That’s the biggest richness of travelling – not seeing new places but sharing all these moments with people you meet along the way. You share your life journeys with them for a while and your pathways become one, creating a beautiful adventure. You laugh together, talk endless hours, wonder, do all the dumb things and struggle in bad and good. Few of these people are somehow special to your heart but eventually, everybody is a blessing. Somebody is so easy and genuine to say goodbye to. You had a great time but it wasn’t meant to be endless. You both know that and life goes on. Some people, on the other hand, is almost impossible, rather unbearable to spend the rest of your life life without. And it’s not always measured by the time you spent together. For (to me still) an unknown reason, with certain people you have the feeling like you’ve known them for ages. You can just talk and talk, spend dangerous amount of hours together and never get bored, know each other by your own heart and simply feel that it works out just fine. And when it clicks, life is so much easier and time flies so incredibly fast!

Friends are the family we choose. They make you feel loved and welcomed. They make your day, make you feel better and with them, you have an actual place you belong to. They create home. Even if it’s somewhere on the other side of the world and even when everything else goes wrong, they’re just here for you. That’s why you want them to stay as a part of your life forever. Or at least till you’re completely sick of them.

But guess what, that’s not how it works. Life’s a bitch and has it’s own plans for everybody. Your life journeys have to separate after a certain time and all you have left is a phone number, thousands of silly pictures and regular facebook updates in various languages. It feels like there’s a part of your heart suddenly missing. But as the time goes by you slowly stop going through all these pictures every evening, you stop calling each other, your chat conversations lessen to minimum and then.. inevitably, after some painful time you’ll finally move on. No matter how much you wish you could change it.

But it’s not gonna ache forever, trust me. It’s not instant and it hurts a lot at the beginning, but after few months and years, all you’ll remember are beautiful and cheerful memories you’ll never forget. Memories of all these moments you once used to take for granted. Reminds me that you should “appreciate the things you have, before time makes you appreciate the things you had”. It’s a life experience and a lesson.

Sounds little bit melancholic though. There’s one thing I’ve learnt. I actually never say goodbye, just simple Take care and good luck!”. You never know. People’s life journeys interlock a lot. Plus if you really want something, there’re no limits but yourself. But after all, no regrets. Go for it! Travel. Meet new friends. Fall in love. Live. Laugh. Farewell and even cry. But most if all, never stop.

These are the best moments of your life, the spices that make living on this planet so wonderful!


Let me know your thoughts.

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