Them stars

If you wanna experience something you’ve never experienced before, I guess you simply have to do something you’ve never done before.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit scared when we all rolled out our swags (something between a mattress, tent and a huge sleeping bag) in a circle around the camp. But there is a first time for everything, huh? Camping in general and sleeping under the sky isn’t exactly one of my hobbies. Lets just say that I wasn’t 100% ok with the idea of waking up because of some wild dingo chewing my face during the night. Not even the advice of checking the swag from the inside first (just in case) didn’t give me any extra peace. Australia doesn’t belong to the list of the most dangerous countries by the number of animals which can potentially kill you at all, right?! And sharing my sleeping space with a poisonous snake, spider or just scorpion is not my ideal of a peaceful sleep.

To sum it up, considering all the terms and one nearby dingo cautionary schedule, I was certainly ready for a wonderful night.

After killing our hunger with surprisingly delicious kangaroo & camel steaks in our campsite, an unexpected but pleasant surprise came. I knew that this place is special but this was simply a jaw-dropping moment. I looked up the sky and it was mind blowing. Literally! I’ve never seen something so spectacular. Flawless, cloudless dark sky through and through with thousands of stars shinning like diamonds. I could clearly see the white line proudly stretching across the sky. It was like someone took a brush with white paint on it and recklessly painted a stripe. So this is it, this is the famous Milky Way! ..and not the one from Nestle. For me as an urban girl, I have never even though about seeing it. Endless number of shining little dots spilled on the velvet background like a grains of sand.

They say you can see the proper night sky only from a remote place, with a lack of city lights. And what can be more remote than a heart of Australia, surrounded by thousands miles of nothing but wilderness? Sounds almost too cheesy to be real. But trust me, that has been the most phenomenal view in my life, the most phenomenal sky you could ever have above your head.

So  here I am. Zipped inside my swag like some caterpillar, wrapped in a sleeping bag. Lying on that famous red sand, surrounded by desert. Staring at the incredibly beautiful Milky Way through and counting shooting stars instead of sheep. I can feel the little tear drop slowly streaming down my face. It’s been a while since I felt this. All the bad thoughts and problems are gone. This is enjoying life to the fullest. Definitely a lifetime experience.

Now I just have to wait if all the wishes I made will come true. If so, there isn’t gonna be a happier person in the world.

Outback, you nailed it!


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