What you may not know about Sydney

..unless you’ve spent some time here.I’m having the amazing opportunity to observe, wonder and collect all these wonderful memories in this sparkling city every day.So why not share what I’ve seen so far.

Let’t skip the fact, that Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, yet not the capital.

  • You may be surprised that it’s one of the world’s largest cities by area. The Parramatta suburb which takes you about 1,5 hour by public transport to get to is still part of the central Sydney. (okey, I gotta admit that I’ve never seen something so slow as the Sydney’s train..)
  • Sydney is also located on the southern hemisphere and yes, Christmas are in the middle of summer. (deserves it’s own post later)
  • It’s one of the safest cities in the world. If you’re naughty or making trouble, police is entitled to slap your face with no hesitation and trust me, they’re really fast.
  • Between 5-6 pm there are more people riding a bicycle than in the Tour de France. People here just love sport. And if they can’t cycle to and from work, they at least put their sports shoes on, change to shorts and vest, pack the business clothes to the backpack and run on the way back home.
  • There are only 2 highlights and they can both be seen from one single sport together. First is this famous building – you know, the white one with the weird shape right next to the sea. Oh, the Opera House. And the second is the magnificent Harbour Bridge (called also the Coathanger), connecting the southern and the northern coastline of Sydney.
  • There’s nothing else. Not like in Prague, where there is an old and famous building on every corner.
  • If you wanna meet some pure Aussies, go to the beach or visit the Outback. No way to find them in the city centre.
  • You simply cannot become an alcoholic here, unless you’re a billionaire. 😦
  • You will eventually feel like a billionaire ‘cause alcohol and parties are simply a must! 🙂
  • One more thing about alcohol: it’s similar to Sweden in here. You can buy it only in bars or specialised places (bottle shops) and the sad thing about them is that most of them usually close at 9 or 10pm, Friday included.
  • Darling Harbour certainly is an gorgeous place, even though you’re not a couple seeking a romantic location.
  • Whenever somebody ask you „Hey, how’re you?“ (and trust me, they will), don’t try to answer for godness’s sake. They just want to ask, not hear how you’re really doing. It’s just a way how to say Hello!
  • If you’re from Europe, you’re probably from France or Germany (unless you have a pure British accent).
  • If you speak English quite well but with this weird accent, you’re gonna be Irish!
  • You can’t find the same amount of Asian’s restaurants anywhere else in the world (probably even in Asia itself).
  • To see a kangaroo, you have to go to a restaurant/park or a supermarket to buy a kangaroo steak.
  • If you want to survive, you have to find yourself a job. Quickly.
  • Australian accent is actually not so bad. (not talking about Bogans!)
  • Animals in here are just odd:
    • Flies like to sit on your cheek or nose while you’re walking and it’s literally impossible to get rid of them
    • Cockroaches are actually neither afraid of the light, nor you
    • Birds here produce such a strange noise which makes you doubt if it’s really a bird or a crying baby
  • There are real parrots flying over your head (and people behave like it’s ordinary everywhere)
  • Speaking of animals, it’s not that serious with all the spiders, snakes and sharks. They won’t try to kill you every day. On the other hand there is one creature you will encounter on a daily basis – cockroach! They are simply everywhere!
  • All beaches look the same – every single one is perfect.
  • International students are kinda discriminated in here.
  • There’s a whole street dedicated to the gay community (where also used to be even a rainbow crossing painted on the cross-road).
  • If the sky turns orange and red in the middle of the day, it’s not the end of the world but only a bushfire few hundreds kilometers away.
  • Visit Kingsford suburb to feel the real Asia.
  • People and especially strangers will call you darling, sweetheart, sweetie, love, or honey like your old friends.
  • Outdoor gyms, bootcamps and jogging are more than just a fashion.
  • It’s more comfortable to take a taxi instead of walking 500 meters ’cause taxis are so cheap (for locals indeed).
  • If you think that the lady sitting at the table no. 5 has beautiful hair, you’re propably wrong – it’s a man. Or at least used to be.
  • Thongs are appropriate footwear for everything, including suit and dress. (I mean thongs like flip-flops)
  • Pink or blue jogging shoes are perfect fit for a suit as well.
  • Pretty everything works on a weekly basis, you pay your rent every week, get wages every week. You are rich and poor again every week.
  • Parks are perfect place for chilling, picnic, tanning, sleeping or just lying and having a good time.
  • Barbecue at the beach sounds like a proper Saturday afternoon.

And many, many more. But you know what? It’s actually not so much different. All is just about the prospective 🙂


Let me know your thoughts.

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