Life is a surprise

What if you were about to watch a movie and somebody told you how it’s gonna end, moreover that it’s gonna end badly. Would you still like to watch it as much as before?

And what if the movie is your life? What if somebody told you that the thing you’re doing, the thing you’re actually really enjoying, the thing that had always been your dream is gonna lead you to the tearful ending? Would you still continue doing it just because you’ve always wanted it or would you change your mind and stop?

It’s the life. Sometimes I wish I could see myself in 5, 10 years. Just to know where I  will be, what I will accomplish, how I will be doing. Just to know what I should prepare for. But if I think about it a bit more I actually don’t wanna know. Life is a surprise. It’s a gift given to everybody. It’s an one big adventure to be lived through. And knowing what’s gonna happen is like unwrapping your christmas present before the Christmas Eve – you’ll regret it afterwards ’cause you will take the best away, the moment of surprise.

Do you remember yourself when you were little? Full of dreams, having no worries, no problems to be solved. How perfect time it was, huh? Anyway, do you remember your dreams? What you wanted to become when you grow up? Those foolish ambitions. Somebody wanted to be an astronaut, president or princess, other wanted to be a doctor, dustman or a policeman. How you admired adults and how much you wanted to be like them. This time is already gone indeed but just try to imagine how would you feel if somebody told you back then how is your life going to look like in 15-20 years. If somebody showed you your today’s life, would you believe it? Would you feel satisfied? Or would you rather run away and change everything? Honestly, I don’t know..

So many times I said to myself “If only I haven’t done that, I haven’t decided so, I haven’t ever started something..”. But everything has its meaning in your life. It’s like a puzzle and every story of your life is one piece of it. It just wouldn’t be complete. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Both good and bad things. Everybody has to go through some bad times to become a better person. Sometimes it’s really difficult to understand the meaning, especially when it hurts so bad. But you’ll see it eventually. Not only your decisions create you. All the difficulties and delights make you who you are, slowly but certainly. And one day, when I’m old and grey, I wanna just sit down to my rocking chair and be sure that I don’t regret anything. That I did everything I always wanted, or at least I tried my best.

Hence the best way to avoid later regretting is to live your life to fullest, be glad for every person you got the opportunity to meet and talk to, follow your heart, travel a lot, don’t be afraid of big decisions, do what makes you happy, be honest to people and simply enjoy every moment. Because I know a nice quote. That one day, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do“. Think about it before you decide what you’re gonna do with your life 🙂

Vero, the advisor


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