Finding job

If somebody told me few months ago that one day I will be incredibly happy to have the opportunity to shuttle 9 hours between climbing the step-ladder for polishing shelfs in wardrobes and crawling on the floor scrubbing the floor from paint and glue.. I would’t believe.

Here I am, after first two days at work, trying to make money to pay the rent and food. It took me more than 5 desperate weeks of seeking some job position almost everywhere (sending and giving away tons of resumes, having plenty of phone calls, interviews and trials) and trust me, it’s not funny when you have to pay those astronomical prices every day. Such a life-time lesson.

When the alarm clock woke me up at 4:30 after just two hours of sleep, I thought I’m gonna die. I dug myself unwillingly out of the bed and set out for my new job as a „cleaner“. I gotta admit that after 9 hours of this tough work I realised that I’m spoiled. I literally wanted to cry few times, wiping the sweat off my forehead and looking at my hands full of blisters. I didn’t know that cleaning the newly built house (in order to make it ready for occupancy) is such a hard job. After this all was over I found myself sleeping comfortably on the window while sitting in the bus. I’d say this is another item on my list of „Jobs I never wanna do again in my life“. But guess what, I survived and I got money to pay the rent for the whole next week. Awesome!

The day after I was told to come for a trial to one restaurant/bar/cafe or whatever it actually is. Should have been there at 11 – how nice that I could get some sleep finally. Big venue, nice event, 150 people, 150 appetizers, 150 main courses, 150 desserts, thousands of plates, million knifes and forks to polish… Well, hard-earned money. The evening shift was just in the front part of the restaurant. Thanks God that it was just a Friday night – the most busy time ever. People queueing, eating and drinking everywhere. At least they were having a good time. You wouldn’t believe how extremely nice Australians are!

Summary of the trial: I managed to drop only one plate full of pizza. I was lucky, I’ve been told to come again next week though. Seems like I finally got the job!

How funny and absurdly it sounds that I have travelled the world, I have a degree, quite nice english, good education and loads of experience in many fields. In here I’m nothing. Just one of the crowd of students seeking a job position which no Aussie wanna do. Hard to describe how tired I felt when those 2 days were over. Fekin tired but happy at the same time. Nobody said it would be easy. I only hope that it’s all gonna be worth it! Everything bad is good for something, isn’t it?


Let me know your thoughts.

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