Second impression

Australia is nice. It’s really nice. Actually it’s pretty awesome. It’s a beautiful and respectable country. You can just look around and stay speechless with astonishment for many hours, staring. But there’s one thing that bothers me, moreover it bothers almost every human being.

g on this planet – MONEY.

Yes, money. How surprising. All these prices, salaries, discounts, sums and amounts. The worthy little coins looking like gold or silver and all these notes with famous faces on them. Credit cards, debit cards, cheques, bills.. drives me crazy even think of it.

I guess I’ve already seen quite a lot but I’ve never been to a country that costs you so much. It had an absolutely breathtaking effect on me. I’m slowly getting used to it (what else could you otherwise do), still desperately seeking a job and saving money wherever I can (okey, I’m not really good at it tho :D). Few days ago I was just sitting in a bus on my way home, not completely honest with the “student” ticket I had (means that my ticket wasn’t entirely valid) when the bus stopped at the station and I saw some handsome inspectors standing right at the sidewalk beside the bus. Being aware of my fate, I was preparing a little speech in my head. ‘Cause few things made me a bit upset recently..

“Are you kidding me? I, among with every other international student, have to pay you this crazy amount of money for even letting me study here. I have to pay these astronomical sums for rent every week and I don’t even think I’m too picky. I am so fucking restricted with my bloody Student Visa (which I had to pay an unbelievable price for as well) being enabled to work only 20 hours per week which surprisingly causes that nobody wants to even to talk to me (unless they want to cheat a bit and save some money for themselves) more to hire me anywhere else than just in a kitchen like a humiliated kitchen hand and servant. And you really want me to pay the full price for this already madly expensive transportation tickets? Is there any justice in it? Your government is earning milliards from us, poor students who wanted to make a big step forward, and the only reward and gratitude comes from even more restrictions, regulations and discrimination? Thank you.”

Seems like a little rain in a paradise. That’s how easy the life in Australia for an international student is. I just need to hold on and don’t give up under any circumstances. It will be better again.

By the way the bus driver closed the door without any of the inspectors coming in so we could continue our way home. My bad conscience moved a bit deep down. I was once saved from paying the ridiculous fine for being practically a stowaway.


Let me know your thoughts.

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