Lugagge story

Once upon a time there was one lovely suitcase. He was small and radiantly purple shining at the distance. Actually he wasn’t so small. And to be honest, I’m not even sure if it was a boy but I made him that way. He had few transparent but purple wheels, two big pockets and functionless compass. And he was naturally very cheap..

He knew that he wasn’t any special by appearance. But he also knew his unique destiny, what he was determined to do. He was made to travel the world and his only objective was to survive. He cannot disappoint his owner. Even though that the material and conditions were really bad, he struggled and did his best.

Here’s the story about his brave heart. It all started in August 2013. Sitting on a sunny place, there suddenly came this funny little girl. She was talking a bit with the vendor, tried his zips, bargained for a price and after all.. she took him home with her. But not for long. Only few hours later, there he was. Lying on the floor full of clothing, shoes and useless stuff, ready to take off. She was really nice to him during the whole time. At the airport she bought him a plastic clothes, not to get cold and hurt during the flight.

Unfortunately, already the first flight was really tough. Plastic cover did its best though. Few bruises and scratches appeared. I have to tell you that the Japanese metro system isn’t so suitcase-friendly. First damage he suffered was a left foot. How fast that was. One faster escalator and only one crunch were enough. Okey, let’s go on. One more escalator and the other foot is gone as well. It reminds me the famous sentence „Houston, I think we got a problem..“

In order to reduce the possibility of another damage during the next flight, she covered him carefully with that plastic clothes again. How nice she was. Here comes the Korean capital – Seoul.. Before even getting out of the airport, another problem appeared. Wheels started to run away. One by one. Quick fixation in a form of a hair grip helped to solve the problem. However, only temporary.

Another flight in that plastic clothes (with more and more holes in it) to Jakarta went quite well. They took good care of him. Only the front jack disappeared. It started to be rather suffering than travelling after that.

One last flight was in order. Final destination, Australia! Here we go with few wheels left, half rolling half falling. Quickly leaving the airport building. Jumping on a car and that’s it. He made it! Last wheel fell down in a kitchen.. Nothing lasts forever though.

I promise I will arrange him a dignified funeral. He did a good service to me and will stay in my memory forever. Rest in peace my bro.

In memory of Purple Suitcase

† 16.9.2013

Sydney, Australia


And what about the lesson out of it? If you wanna have plenty of „fun“ during your travelling, don’t forget to buy some cheap equipment! 🙂


Let me know your thoughts.

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