Upside down

Do you know how to call a cow caught by tornado? …

.. a milkshake!

I just heard that one and it made my day! Speaking of shaking, mixing or shakeout I got one right now in my head. I know it’s quite difficult to understand for those who have never spent more than just 2 hours in a plane or a week and a half abroad. I’m used to that. At least I thought so. But after approximately 30 000 km behind me and more than 35 hours spent in a plane just in few weeks, travelling across countless numbers of time zones.. it comes to the point that I’m actually totally confused. I feel like somebody just put me into some kind of a weird time machine, shook me for a while and then spilled the rest of me out somewhere far, far away. Everything is totally upside down.

It’s fun, indeed.. most of the time! But there is always a reverse side of a paradise. Suddenly you catch yourself falling asleep in the middle of the day, having no idea what time it is. Or being awake till some ugly morning hour just with a feeling that it’s only a midnight. Having all your friends and family so far-distant that every time you talk to them there’s almost 4am!

I have no idea what date it is, hardly which day is tomorrow. When I’m crossing the street, I’m not sure which side of the road I should check first, because every part of the world has different traffic rules. In Indonesia, people usually cross the street wherever they want to by just stepping into the road but in Australia, there’s a crossing and traffic lights every 50 meters. I wonder when somebody tells me that in December the summer season is high because December usually means snow and Christmas for me. I’m surprised that there are palm trees outside instead of pine-trees and spruces and there are parrots flying over my head instead of pidgeons. Sometimes I don’t even know which language I should use, which language are other people speaking. Which religion people live with, which habits they are used to.

I know that our world is amazing diverse and different places you can find here. But there is one thing I’ve realized. It’s been few weeks since I was just sitting in a plane somewhere above Japan and watching these small houses down there. It was a different country, different culture and completely different part of the world but those houses looked just like the houses back home. They had four walls, windows, door and colourful rooftops. There were normal people living in them, having the same life as every other person in Europe, Asia or America. Even though that those people live in a different country, speak and write with a different language, eat different meals and have different habits and traditions.. they are still humans. Like me. Like us. They have one had, two legs and two arms. They build houses in order to have some place to sleep. They work on fields to have something to eat and study and go to work every day to earn enough for their living and families. They smile, they cry. Fall in love, complain and share the same troubles of everyday living.

You know, heaven is still blue and grass is green everywhere. Some things simply always remain the same no matter where you are.

Maybe that’s the reason I feel like home everywhere.

Vero 🙂

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