Laptop is like a shooting star

..because if you see it falling, you should definitely make a wish.                                        

Or start praying.                                                                                                                    

Or both!

It happened to me recently. I was just having transit in Kuala Lumpur before my final flight to Sydney. Funny thing about it is that this laptop was keeping me company for the whole journey, without any harm. Nothing lasts forever though. Unfortunately I was a little bit in a hurry to catch my plane at that time. So I laid the laptop quickly on an upper shelf in a restroom (because the floor was too dirty and wet there) in order to do one’s needs meanwhile. Then I just turned back to close the door. Oh yeah, bad decision..

Do you know that feeling, when you’re suddenlly watching your laptop falling from more than 1 meter high to a paved floor? And what more, you’re quite on the reverse side of the globe at that time, just at the beginning of a damn long journey. Besides, you have just realized that inside that metal-plastic box is almost your whole life and just everything you can even think of.  You really don’t know that feeling? It’s like a heart attack. Like you just get slapped (at least 3 times from both sides) and get poured by a bucket of hot water at the same time. It took my breath away. “Okey, I’m screwed now..!

It made me think about why we need all those devices of today like laptops, tablets, Ipods, cameras or smartphones and how are we actually able to survive without them? Travelling and technologies. On one hand technologies are quite vital for travelling but on the other hand, these things fairly exclude each other. Let’s see.. You need technologies to buy your ticket, to print your itinerary, to book your hotel or just make a reservation. You need it to get from one place to another, to take a picture of everything or just call your family that you’re ok. But from the backpacker’s point of view, all these stuff are just heavy rubbish taking place instead of some other useful things. I got a friend. He’s right now travelling around the world only with a backpack and he shared a nice thought with me. “You actually don’t need these things.” If you have a laptop, you’re forced to check the internet, your emails, your facebook all the time. You’re forced to look for a wi-fi everywhere and you get stressed about it. The same with a smart phone. You have to check the battery all the time, then look for a plug to charge it, then check and answer your messages. I saw my other friend – everytime we arrived to some place, instead of enjoying the atmosphere or scenery, he was just desperately trying to charge his goddamn Iphone.. Furthermore, you have to carry all its battery chargers together with all the electronics. And it takes at least half of a space in your backpack.  Can you imagine walking or hiking for few months with 2 kg camera on your neck, 3 kg laptop in your backpack, smartphone in one hand and ipod in your pocket together with earphones wrapped around your body? Hell no! So, if you need to connect with your friends once upon a time, you can go to some internet caffé or call from a nearest phone box. You will not feel stressed at all.

I guess that backpackers see it in little a different and extreme way but still, there’s something about it. Overwhelming majority of modern people are dully staring on a display of their phones or having earphones with some loud music day by day instead of embracing the atmosphere of outer world. I was one of them as well. Untill one day when I took out my earphones for a while and felt the difference. I heard the noise of a morning rush in metropolis, I heard the familiarity of peples’s talks, the excitement in everybody’s voice during Friday afternoon.. but the most gorgeous sound I have experience was the silence. There are not so many places where you can hear the real silence. The absolute calm and peace. How wonderful it was!

So I advice you to stop being that person in todays hasty time at least once. Calm down for a while and try to perceive what’s happening around you. I’m telling you, it’s amazing!

Back to my laptop story. After the teriffic sound of that floor-laptop meeting I imagined like thousands of alternative scenarions of me being without my baby 3 (that’s how I call my laptop) for the whole next year and loosing all my personal data, pictures and documets. It didn’t work out in any of it. But surprise, I didn’t have to bury my dear HP friend. It’s sometimes working, sometimes refusing to cooperate and occasionally dying. But still, better than saying goodbye forever. I think he’s just gonna need some new harddisk and little help from a customer service. Hoping for the best! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts.

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